NPO Bluesky promotion
There are many useful technologies developed in university laboratories that are not in practical use. Why don't we let them activate and make people happy? Of course we need the cooperation of industry.

When a man met the other man, this NPO started. One man had been promoting industry-university collaborative since he was a career bureaucrat of former MITI (now METI), and the other man had developed many technology seeds in universities.

In December 2010, among a chat right before the end of a convention which was held to consult on how to sell a new communication product developed by scholars, Professor Miyata, Tokyo Institute of Technology (The former President of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology) said "Today we have catalyst that doesn't need platinum, rhodium or palladium: such expensive automotive exhaust gas purification. Will it be in practical use?"

An OB of MITI (now Vice-Chairman of us) was there, and did that. He had got the grant of NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) in January 2011 that was founded as FY2010 supplementary budget for a new title: "rare metal replacement / Reduce Subsidy for technology development and commercialization". Immediately he consulted with an automobile manufacturers (Suzuki) and also got another grant application.

The project we are carrying is a joint venture of industry and academia with Government (METI, NEDO) aimed at the commercialization, but the successful progress of it will need adjustment and management overall the participants. We know we have an extremely important role.

We (NPO) don't develop the technique itself, but should not miss the useful seeds and should connect them to the industry. We are born as a producer who facilitate the industry-academia collaborative research and development.

Results of this joint research, a fund which is built with a certain amount of donations from companies technology commercialization will not only be benefit for Japanese technology but also support young researchers in Japan's next generation. We could establish a new NPO, but we already had one called "Dream Filled Environment", so we rebuilt it for this project.

"Blue Sky" is a new name, continues to work on common issues around the environmental problems that the 21st century of Japan and the world will experience.

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